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She was a beautiful enemy alien robot...

... but she forgot she was only a machine.


French girl living between Holland and Belgium.


Book buyer (and occasionally reader).
alphabets, alphonse mucha, amnesty international, ancient greek, anemones, anne digby, anne of green gables, antonia forest, apartment 3-g, arrested development, art, art deco, art nouveau, bamboo, battle of the planets, belle & sebastian, bertie wooster, birds, blandings, books, byron, c.s. lewis, calligraphy, carbon neutrality, castles, cats, celtic knots, chalet school, childermass, chinese dragons, clarice cliff, clarinet, clouds, codes, computers, cooking, cross stitch, cryptic crosswords, cryptography, cycling, dictionaries, discworld, dorothy l. sayers, dr who, dragonflies, dragons, eeyore, elephants, embroidery, english grammar, fairy tales, films, flute, fonts, french, galapagos islands, gervase fen, gilbert & sullivan, gormenghast, harry potter, hats, illuminated manuscripts, illustration friday, ink, iron chef, islands, italian, j.k. rowling, j.r.r. tolkien, jane austen, japan, japanese, jasper fforde, jonathan strange, kakuro, keats, knitting, ladybirds, languages, latin, lemony snickett, life on mars, literature, logic problems, lord peter wimsey, maps, mary worth, mathematics, mediaeval history, miffy, milly molly mandy, mosaics, musical instruments, musicals, names, ogden nash, owls, p.g. wodehouse, pansies, peacocks, percy bysshe shelley, phrasebooks, pirates, poetry, poodles, print making, quills, quirkyalone, rainbows, ravenclaw, reading, rex harrison, rhinoceri, robin hood, robotech, ruby ferguson, rufus wainwright, seahorses, sheep, silk, star blazers, star wars, steampunk, sudoku, supermarkets, tango, tapestry, temeraire, tennis, tennyson, terry pratchett, the goodies, the letter q, the quincunx, the simpsons, thursday next, tom lehrer, tour de france, trebizon, trixie belden, trolleyology, twin peaks, weaving, william morris, wolfhounds, woodcuts, wool, words, writing, zines